Black Girl Cry


How many times have you heard the advice, “Don’t cry. You don’t want to seem weak.”? Have you ever considered that rather than being a sign of weakness, crying may actually be considered a sign of strength? This is one of the key messages that Heidi Lewis and her seven co-authors aim to get across in Black Girl Cry: What Black Women Need to Know to Amplify Their Voices.

All too often, women—especially women of color—are given signals to stay in the shadows, to not draw attention to themselves, or to hide who they are and where they come from. Black Girl Cry advises exactly the opposite. All of the contributing authors in this anthology share with great courage and vulnerability the trauma and obstacles that they have faced as Black women and how they leaned into these experiences to discover, create, and reveal to the world their authentic selves.

If you feel uncomfortable in your skin or are struggling to find or share your voice, you will find comfort and inspiration in the stories in Black Girl Cry.

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